ScreenOS Cookbook

  • ScreenOS Cookbook
    by Stefan Brunner, Vik Davar, Joe Kelly, Ken Draper, David Delcourt, Sunil Wadhwa

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    About the Book

    Written by key members of Juniper Network's principal ScreenOS support and field engineering teams, ScreenOS Cookbook is the most authoritative guide available for managing secure networks that run ScreenOS firewall appliances. Scores of recipes address a wide range of security issues, provide step-by-step solutions, and include discussions of why the recipes work so you can easily set up, troubleshoot, and keep ScreenOS systems on track.

    ScreenOS Cookbook gives you real-world fixes, techniques, and configurations that save time—not hypothetical situations out of a textbook. The book comes directly from the experience of engineers who have seen and fixed every conceivable ScreenOS network topology, from small branch office firewalls and appliances for large enterprise and government networks to heavy-duty protocol-driven service provider networks. The easy-to-follow format enables you to find the topic and specific recipe you need right away so that you can match it to your network or security issues. The book covers hundreds of implementations of ScreenOS techniques, including:

    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Interfaces zones, and virtual routers
    • Mitigating Denial of Service attacks
    • DDNS, DNS, and DHCP
    • IP routing; policy-based routing
    • Traffic shaping
    • User authentication
    • Application Layer Gateway (SIP, H323, RPC, RTSP, etc.
    • Content security; managing firewall policies
    • RIP, OSPF, BGP, and NSRP
    • Multicast: IGPM, PIM, Static mroutes
    • Wireless; Virtual Systems (VSYSes) 

    Along with usage and troubleshooting recipes, you will also find plenty of tips, special considerations, ramifications, and discussions of interesting tangents and network extrapolation. For the accurate, hard-nosed information you require to get your ScreenOS firewall network secure and operating smoothly, no book matches ScreenOS Cookbook.

    What People Have to Say

    The book is written by some of the most knowledgeable ScreenOS guys in the industry. Stefan Brunner is well known both inside and outside of Juniper. Stefan and his peers have done an excellent job putting together a must have book for anyone working on the ScreenOS firewalls.

    [Tim Eberhard - Clearwire]

    This book is a must have for anyone who is working in Netscreen firewall at any level.

    [Yaning Wang - Bank of America]

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