Welcome to my blog. Although, I have been an avid user of the Internet since 1991 (on a research grant back in the days) and have been an active technology author, I have never developed a blog before. This is my first attempt and this blog will be developing over time. I founded this blog not as an online magazine, at least not at this time, but merely for the purpose to share my thought in areas of interest. I founded multiple forums back in the days about Netscreen firewall technology which educated an entire generation of Sales Engineers to a then very new and hot technology. I have authored numerous whitepapers and also a book about cyber security which is available on Amazon.

But my interests go far beyond networking and cyber security. What makes me tick is the desire to understand the mechanics of the world and how to fill gaps and fix things. I am equally interested in business mechanics as I am interested in technical solutions. I am happy that I had the chance to learn about both. I graduated in Business from the number one business school in Germany, the business school at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, and I attended an executive program at UC Berkeley in Telecommunications Engineering to further my understanding in technology: business and technology - my two worlds.

In my world, I am not trying to just memorize things. Perhaps I was too lazy in high school which allowed me to develop the skill to make up my homework ad-hoc in front of the class instead of sitting for hours at home. This skill requires that one understands the mechanics of things. If you understand how a mathematical formula works, you do not need to memorize it. You can develop it on the fly.

This is a very useful skill in the world of high-tech business. High-tech is an ever moving target. You cannot just graduate from a tier one school and apply what your memorized in your case studies. Every case is unique and obvious problems or solutions may not be relevant which is why so many companies fail. Companies fail because they do not understand what it is all about. Their products become irrelevant because they lose their market. In what kind of market am I? And what do technology constraints and opportunities mean to my business? What do customers value about me - consumers pay for value? For many companies success just happens and management never understands the mechanics behind it. For other, mechanics were once well understood but a new generation of leadership forgot them and got too cozy. The last is a particular problem when the founders or owners disengage and career management takes over. These are the reasons why we talk Apple today and not Sony, or Canon and not Kodak, Dell and not Commodore. All companies which had at one point almost monopoly positions setting them far apart from their competition - all gone now.

Experience is highly overrated and in my opinion nothing else than too late acquired knowledge. Why wait to fail if you can hedge your risk by understanding what is all about?

You also will find articles to my hobbies on this blog. I love anything technical, preferably something which involves electronics. This involves technical toys which I enjoy together with my three kids, ham radio stuff, and other things to tinker with. I am probably not going to write much about cyber security or networking. I am doing this all day long and most of my work is classified which limits what I can share.

Drop me a line with your thoughts.